Having the right Bench Seating for your facility

In sectors such as the healthcare sector including walk-in centres and hospitals, it is important that the waiting rooms have enough seating for patients as they may be unwell or unable to stand for long periods of time or at all – sufficient seating is essential for their well-being and comfort while waiting to be seen or treated. A perfect solution for this scenario is installing bench seats in your facility.

In the travel sector including airportstrain stations and bus stations, waiting to travel can feel endless for some, so to make the wait a little more durable, comfortable bench seating is of the highest convenience.

Regardless of sector, bench seats need to be highly durable, comfortable and easy to clean for easy maintenance and a long life span. Here at Zoeftig, our large range of bench seat solutions can be configured in different shapes, sizes, finishes, seat types, foot options and more.

Bench Seating of the highest quality

Zoeftig’s seating solutions and airport terminal furniture focus on innovative design to provide comfort, convenience, and long-term durability. We now have over 50 years of experience in chair design and large-scale seating projects, with solutions currently proving their worth on every continent. This is how we’ve become synonymous with seating systems in the airport industry. Meanwhile, our work has allowed us to become industry-leading chair suppliers to other Sectors such as healthcare, public transport, and judicial services.

With our tailored, high-quality chair systems, you can ensure that passengers experience the perfect waiting area. Essentially, whether you are looking for an ‘off the shelf’ or bespoke solution, Zoeftig offers a robust yet modern, stylish answer to your situation. This flexibility is ideal for any airport seating or terminal design requirements!

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