For most passengers, getting the perfect seat on an aeroplane can make or break their travel experience. Whilst high-quality airport seating is also vital, people will more often remember where they sit on a flight as, especially for long-haul travelling, this is where they’ll spend the bulk of their time. So, ensuring maximum comfort for a variety of passengers should be the number one priority for aeroplane seating. But to achieve this, you need to identify the different types of traveller; typically, these are as followers:

  • Nervous flyers
  • Sleepers
  • Taller passengers
  • Business passengers
  • Parents with young children

The best Aeroplane Seating for different passengers

Aisle Seats

Generally, these are the most sought-after seats for avid flyers. This is because they satisfy the needs of various types of traveller. Taller passengers appreciate the additional legroom these offers, whilst those flying for business are normally travelling alone so enjoy the increased likelihood of a quick post-flight exit. The fact that aisle seats have raisable armrests means they offer more comfort for larger passengers as well.

Window Seats

After the aisle, window seating tends to be the favoured aeroplane option. These seats will maximise flight enjoyment for sleepers, as they’re far less likely to be disturbed. In addition, for those not curious on the views, window seats above the wing of a plane are good options for nervous flyers, since these offer significantly smoother rides when compared to the rest of a given aircraft.

Middle Seats

In stark contrast to what’s been discussed thus far, middle seats are usually the most infamous options on an aeroplane. However, there are passengers that, perhaps unknowingly, would potentially have a more comfortable flight in these seats. For instance, business travellers may find the middle seat their best option for getting maximum work done. This is because certain aircraft only have one shared power outlet per row that’s usually located under, you’ve guessed it, the middle seat.

Exit Row Seating

The exit row seats are always a go-to for taller passengers, and for good reason. The extra legroom is an obvious incentive for this group of travellers and certainly helps maximise the comfort they receive from aeroplane seating. Another group this option is excellent for is the sleeper passenger, given no children or babies are allowed to sit down these aisles.


Finally, this seating is usually best left for parents with young children. The front of a bulkhead of aeroplane seats is a perfect spot for young travellers. It means that they’re no passengers in front of them to disturb, and the extra room offered at the front of an aircraft allows children to stretch their legs if they’re bored or uncomfortable. On top of this, these seats provide greater peace of mind for parents as the bathroom is far closer, making this their best seating solution.

Overall, every passenger is going to have certain flying preferences that will make different seats a better choice for them. Understanding this makes it far easier to improve average traveller’s experience of not only aeroplane seating, but airport seating more broadly as well.

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