In recent years, public transport has become increasingly popular, in a bid to become more environmentally friendly and reduce commuting times. In busy cities, public transport facilities can see thousands of commuters pass through daily, some spending as little time as possible at stations with others experience a longer wait. Whilst commuters arriving just before their journey will have less of an opinion on public seating, commuters spending more time waiting for transport will appreciate exceptional quality public seating.

Public seating is not restricted to transport terminals, you will also experience this in healthcare facilities such as hospitals. Here, you are likely to experience extended waiting times, visiting accident and emergency after that sporting injury or visiting friends and family who are admitted to hospital. The type of seating solution you select for your waiting area is an important decision to be made. In this post, we will be looking at the key features to consider.


As we have already touched on above, people can spend a lot of time in public places and quite often not through the choice of their own. Commuters are arriving earlier and earlier to airports, thus the average time spent in airports is increasing and public transport can often be delayed. Similar to extended hospital waiting times, it has never been more important to consider comfort as a key factor when selecting the best seating solution for your application.

Durability & Flexibility

Public seating will experience daily if not hourly use throughout the whole year and the number of commuting passengers is increasing year on year. Long term projects, involving public seating, is expected to be durable, long-lasting and flexible as replacing worn seats can become tricky when managing budgets in years to come.


We’ve touched on the practical features public seating requires but it also needs to be aesthetically pleasing and stylish. Zoeftig’s public seating range can be designed and manufactured specifically to fit into your public space. Choosing the right public seating can help transform railway platforms, airport terminals and hospital waiting rooms into stylish and practical public spaces.

Improved Accessibility

Another feature to consider when choosing your public seating is accessibility. Seating solutions can be designed to ensure that public spaces are accessible to people with additional needs. Most airports include special assistance lounges that offer bespoke manufactured chairs where passengers with additional needs can relax before their flight.

Why choose Zoeftig for your seating solutions

Here at Zoeftig, we have set the seating standards for 50 years. Our design and manufacturing team work closely with each other to create innovative, aesthetically pleasing and extraordinary public seating solutions for everyone to enjoy.

For more information on our public seating solutions, or to discuss your bespoke design enquiry, contact us using the online enquiry form. Alternatively, you can take a look at our public seating solutions online.