Simple and appealing courtroom seating solutions

Courtroom furniture is classically designed to be fit for purpose and here at Zoeftig not only do we focus on maximising durability and comfort but also on innovation and supplying the highest quality seating.

Simple and appealing courtroom seating solutions

For almost half a century, Zoeftig have set the global pedestal for furniture of the highest quality and continues to provide innovative seating solutions in all sectors.

We believe the main advantage to our range of Courtroom Furniture is its durability. With it being used in a public place, it’s bound to endure a lot of unavoidable wear and tear at a much quicker rate than home furniture for example. We understand that maintenance/replacement of courtroom seating is very expensive, so when you use Zoeftig products you can be assured to receive quality and durability.

You can view some of our latest case studies here.

The courtroom may not always be in use but we still believe strongly in innovation and style with any sector our seating solutions may come under, especially seating that will be open to the public. With a touch of style – courtroom seating alone can bring down the tediousness of the courtroom.

Also despite a high level of durability to keep maintenance costs to a minimum, comfort is a high priority as well. Our courtroom seating solutions are comfortable with the use of fine materials such as aluminium, steel, plastic and wood. Seating can also be finished with a choice of colours and protective coatings.

To get more information about our full range of courtroom seating solutions reach out to our Zoeftig representatives today. Get in touch by giving us a call or fill in our online enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.