Collapsible seating is an option chosen by many venues for multiple reasons. The benefits of tip up seating or fold down seats is undeniably the obvious option to reduce wasted seating space, whilst still optimizing the quantity of seats you can provide. Whether your customers are using these fold down seats for a short stay or a longer period, you can guarantee that all Zoeftig fold down seats are of the utmost quality and designed to the highest standard. All of our fold down seats offer the user the greatest comfort and relaxation. Zoeftig can provide your space with fold down seats to fit any area, of any size and of any shape.

With 40 years experience in building large scale seating, you can rest assured that Zoeftig have the extensive knowledge and expertise to design and build an ideal fold down seating solution to fit your space perfectly. We are a well respected and reputable company and pride ourselves on having an eye to the future. This means that we can provide you with the most up to date designs to fit any setting, whilst still maintaining the greatest quality and high levels of durability. When choosing Zoeftig, you are choosing fold down seating that will prove both stylish and function for years to come.

Not just tip up seating and fold down seats

Zoeftig have a catalogue of both conjoined and separate seating for your company to choose from. In addition to this, some items incorporate a table into their design, adding yet more functionality to your seating solution. Our catalogue holds five categories of seating that have been used around the world. Users can see Zoeftig seating in airports, waiting rooms, hospitals, railways and public spaces.

For more information on the tip up seating solutions that we have available please contact us and we’ll be happy to find the perfect fold down seats for you!