Public Seating is vital in the Transport Sector, and the rail industry is no exception. But why does effective waiting area seating matter for train stations? Moreover, what are the features that make a system of train station seating high-quality?

Why is it important?

Effective seating solutions in train stations are vital for a number of reasons. The UK’s railway system is the fifth most used in the world so, many stations must deal with vast amounts of passengers and high-pressure rush hour commutes.

Thus, Zoeftig believes that station seating has to meet the high standards of those waiting for their trains. In addition, it must be long-lasting to deal with these expectations every day, whilst remaining effective for both indoor and outdoor use. As a result, train station seating is arguably the most challenging area for a Waiting Room Seating System, so it has to be as effective as possible.

So, what are the main features of Train Station Seating?


To start, the design and build materials of any high-quality train station seating need to be carefully considered. Indeed, the shape of the chair, the amount of back support that it offers, and the design of the armrests and accessories such as In-Seat Power are all included in this. For most stations, a minimal seating design made from durable materials such as steel can often meet the rigours of the rail and transport sector.


Public transport needs to be serviceable for all, so a key feature of a train station seating system is flexibility. Waiting areas have to be accessible to passengers with disabilities, as well as for those who are elderly or less able to stand. The Right Public Seating Solution needs to be suitable for these groups. They also need to be well-placed in relation to a station’s essentials, such as toilets, platforms and ticket offices.

Aesthetics & Style

It’s all well and good to have an efficient, accessible chair design, but waiting area seating still has to appeal to commuters. Thus, the visual element of train station seating is another important feature. It’s why Zoeftig emphasises Collaboration in Design so strongly that each individual location gets a style of seating that’s ideal for its users.


No passenger likes the wait for their train, especially if there’s been a delay or cancellation. So (and it almost goes without saying), comfort is vital in every seating system, regardless of the Sector or Industry.

Stations not only need the appropriate amount of seating, but their commuters must also feel content and more relaxed whilst they wait. Again, material choice is crucial here, and flexibility needs to be prioritised to encourage movement and meet the needs of a wide variety of passengers.

Why choose Zoeftig?

For years, Zoeftig is a global leader in the design and manufacture of public seating solutions. As a result of this experience, our Zineare Train Station Seating System has been created to meet all of the above features. This means it can offer your station the comfort, practicality, and durability that’s required for mass daily use.

So, for more information on finding the ideal train station seating and railway seating for your needs, check out our Online Enquiry Form Today!