Market-leading specialists in designing and supplying reception seating around the globe.

Regardless of the Sector or Industry, from healthcare to airports, we design innovative reception seating solutions that are always high-quality. With Zoeftig’s range of workplace furniture, you’re sure to find a seating system that’s ideal for you.

Built to suit you with comfort always in mind

For over half a century, Zoeftig has been the name associated with innovative and industry-leading seating products. We’re recognised as a reliable seating supplier across the world, being commissioned to provide bespoke solutions on every populated continent.

Whatever the seating style, we’ve got your Waiting Area Furniture covered with a broad range of reception seating designs, styles, and layouts. Depending on how communal or sociable your waiting room is, you may choose from traditional row seating or cluster style seating. Meanwhile, we can also provide a VIP finish to your reception area, with several unique material options and additions including In Seat Power.

Another benefit of ordering reception seating from Zoeftig is the option to design custom made chair solutions. This is because we understand that waiting rooms can come in various shapes and sizes, and businesses want these areas to stand out to their visitors. Simply put, we know The Importance of High-Quality Reception Seating.

Thus, you can Make an Appointment to discuss our bespoke options and Zoeftig’s team of engineers and designers will work to produce comfortable and unique seating that’s perfect for your establishment.

We guarantee seating that’s convenient and durable

No matter much attention we spent on pushing style and innovation, we also never compromise on the durability of our reception seating, office chairs, or indeed any of our furniture.

Waiting rooms are all about making a good first impression. Therefore, we always design our seating to stand the test of time, with materials that easy to clean and continue to look brand new in the long term. As a result, our office furniture will help to create and maintain a warm, friendly environment in your reception area. You can view Our Full Range of Services Here, or check out our Aftersales Support, for more information.

To hear more about our full reception seating range, get in touch by filling in our Online Enquiry Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.