Airport Seating and Terminal Furniture

With a particular focus on the passenger terminals, the Zoeftig name has over the years become synonymous with innovation and high standards. Our groundbreaking and pioneering airport furniture seating can be found across the globe in some of the busiest international terminals.

Why Zoeftig?

When it comes to airport furniture and terminal seating, Zoeftig’s capability is proven over many years. We now have over 50 years of experience in chair design and large-scale seating projects. This work has even allowed us to become leading chair suppliers to other Sectors such as healthcare, public transport, and judicial services.

Today, we remain right at the forefront of developments in the industry and are renowned for our creative and design-led approach. This includes our commitments to research, the development of new design processes, and collaboration with architects, interior designers, suppliers and passengers. So, you can be sure that Zoeftig is doing its utmost to push the design frontiers. It’s why we’re the number one name for airport furniture and terminal seating!

From the amazingly comfortable Infinite Airport Chair to the Zenky & Zenky Plus – Zoeftig provides seating that (metaphorically) never sits still!