Tandem seating is a staple of modern seat solutions for a variety of Industries & Sectors. Essentially, it is a space-saving and cost-efficient option that can have several benefits for your facility.

Like the bike, tandem seat designs feature 2 or more chairs that are connected together, often by a metal beam. They are usually, however, organised side-by-side by side rather than the traditional front and back layout of tandem vehicles. Moreover, the chair structures can often be incredibly flexible, meaning they can feature several seats in a range of different shapes, with extra additions including tables and In-Seat Power.

At Zoeftig, we provide several different chair products that come under this definition of tandem seating. These include:

How Tandem Seating could benefit you

Due to its similarities with Concourse Seating and Beam Seating, this chair solution can work brilliantly for larger venues that see a great deal of footfall.

The fact that it can either be fixed or freestanding means that you’re sure to get the necessary durability for dealing with the rigours of daily use. In addition, the uniform nature of tandem seating means that it’s very easy to clean and maintain. This, combined with the sturdiness of the materials we use, makes it a great choice for Reception Areas, Public Spaces, and for use in Airport Seating.

But that’s not all. The comfort of tandem chairs, with their backrest design, table options and colour variety, make them equally suitable for smaller facilities. For instance, a minimal structure can be highly effective as a seating choice for office breakout rooms. Alternatively, Tandem Bench Seating is a convenient, cost-saving option for Waiting Room Chairs, which can greatly improve opinions on any venue.

Why choose Zoeftig?

With more than 50 years’ experience in the seating industry, Zoeftig has developed a wealth of knowledge and insight. This has allowed us to design and produce the perfect tandem seating solution for your requirements – no matter your needs.

We provide you with the most modern designs and styles that will ensure your seating will be a stand out feature in your facility when it comes to comfort and presentability. We offer a wide choice when it comes to chair options, materials, colours, designs, and optional extras, with an extensive range of Services and Support.

So, for more information on Zoeftig’s tandem seating, fill in the online enquiry form or call 01257 270 727 and we’ll be happy to help.

You can even see our products in action by visiting our in-depth Case Studies Page!