If you have an area that is to be utilised for many different activities; a school gym, music arena, convention centre or sporting venue for example, you will understand the difficulty of maximising the use of space. Especially when these areas need to be used for a sports match requiring seating. As well as shows, gigs or other performances where audience space is a necessity. Zoeftig have the perfect answer to these issues:

Telescopic Bleacher Seating

Telescopic seating from Zoeftig is made up of several levels of seating platforms that retract flat against a wall to enable the area that they once covered to be used for different purposes. All the seats contained within the telescopic seating platforms fold away neatly and are stored within the complete closed unit.

Zoeftig telescopic platforms allow for many different configurations for the largest and smallest of crowds. The design of this telescopic seating can be seen featuring in many stadiums and arenas and means that seating areas can change dependent on what kind of performance is being staged. In its extremes, it can be seen in use in America where you may have baseball – using a diamond shaped pitch – and American football – using a rectangular pitch – all being played in the same stadium but with differing telescopic platform seating layouts to maximise audience capacity for the different playing fields.

Not just telescopic bleachers and telescopic platform seating!

Zoeftig are suppliers of seating solutions for many different situations and not just telescopic bleachers. They are a globally reputable company providing seating to many different environments such as airports, hospital waiting rooms and train stations from India to Argentina.

Zoeftig have over 40 years’ experience in the seating industry and their wealth of knowledge enables them to design and produce the perfect telescopic seating solution for every requirement. They have an eye for innovation that means that they are able to manufacture modern, contemporary designs and beautiful telescopic seating that will stand out from the crowd. You can also be assured that when adorning your public area with Zoeftig telescopic platforms, your seating will not only be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, but also durable and robust.

For more information on telescopic bleacher seating solutions please contact Zoeftig today. You will soon realise that they are the telescopic platform suppliers for you!