With security so high on the list of priorities, many of the visitor attractions that enhance the experience have become less prominent. Retail outlets, restaurants and exhibitions are only available in highly secure areas, so the gatehold waiting areas and lounges are now exposed as precisely that: areas where passengers or visitors must wait.
With this in mind, public seating has become a fundamental component in providing a positive experience for people who have to wait in the visitors’ compounds. It is here where Zoeftig, a specialist in producing and supplying comprehensive public seating, becomes an important element of the equation. Zoeftig has been setting the standard for quality public seating solutions for more than half a century and stands as one of the global leaders in the field.

Zoeftig Public Seating ticks all of the boxes

Take our provision of seating for San Diego International Airport in the USA. The airport was facilitating a ‘Green Build’ programme, and needed new public seating solutions to innovate in a range of different areas. Thus, Zoeftig was tasked with designing and producing public seating that met the needs of the modern traveller while also demonstrating exemplary sustainable credentials. At the end of the collaboration, the airport’s president gave a testimonial stating the public seating solution provided by Zoeftig “met all our needs regarding pricing, style and commitment to…sustainability principles”.

The Zoeftig Public Seating range

With a our public seating solutions, you are guaranteed comfort, style and practicality for any public environment. For example, the Landscape modular seating solution features pure lines, distinctive shapes and clean edges, using aesthetically pleasing materials and are designed to be adaptable for different kinds of space, with double aluminium profiles fixed to ground supports.

Finding the balance

It’s your responsibility to provide for visitors who may have to wait for extended periods of time. Their sitting comfort, and the ergonomics of your public seating, are paramount in your choice of the seating you provide for them. You need to match design elements and practical considerations like spacing with your company and brand ethos. You need to ensure your seating is comfortable and ergonomic for visitors, but also rugged and durable for a high-traffic environment.

If you are interested in finding your ideal public seating solution, then please contact us by using the online enquiry form or by calling 01288 354512. We pride ourselves on being able to find our customers the right plan for any space.