Whatever the sector, wherever the location, public spaces need appropriate seating solutions. So, is there a better type of seating option for different public areas? When should we use beam seating over, say, a concourse alternative? Thankfully, beam seating is extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of sectors. However, it may still seem a bit unclear as to where bench and beam solutions have been utilised effectively.

What is Beam Seating? And what makes it high-quality?

Typically, it is considered a form of bench seating. This is because most beam solutions feature multiple seats that are connected by a beam underneath them, with legs at either end, therefore, looking like a bench. At Zoeftig, we believe this system should only be used if the quality of seating it provides is excellent. So, in order to achieve this, beam seating needs to be:

  • Built for the Public’s comfort and convenience.
  • Durable and easy to clean to ensure a long lifespan.
  • Able to match any aesthetic, with various designs and styles possible.

With these basic principles, beam seating can be used to great effect in a variety of sectors.


Beam Seating provides a great solution for airports around the world. With many new airport buildings wanting bespoke, modern designs that are suitable for high levels of footfall in the long-term, finding the best solution isn’t always easy. Thankfully, whether the solution requires an emphasis on sustainable mass seating (see our San Diego International Airport case study), or something more tech-savvy with built-in electrical sockets, high-quality beam products can excel in this industry.

Railway Stations and Metro Systems

Another sector that sees a great deal of demand for public seating and beam solutions are just as effective! Their dynamic range of styles means that they can be suitable for either traditional railway stations or state-of-the-art metro systems. Moreover, the unprecedented levels of durability that beam seating offers makes it great for the pressures of the rush-hour commute. A great example of where Zoeftig’s beam products have made an efficient solution is within the 47 stations of the Dubai Metro.

Other Sectors

A variety of Zoeftig’s Beam products have been fitted to provide public seating in a wide range of other industries. So long as the seats themselves are up to the high-quality that we provide, bench and beam-based seating are excellent in the health care industry, for detention centres, for office waiting areas, and much more!

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