Beam seating is a type of seating that can either be fixed to the floor of a room or can be freestanding. It may also be referred to as bench beam seating or bench seating, this is due to its resemblance to benches.

Beam seating designs will consist of multiple seats attached by a beam underneath with legs at either end of the beam.

Why choose Zoeftig Beam Seating?

Beam seating is very popular in various sectors due to the range of designs, strength and durability.

Here at Zoeftig, we have a large range of beam seating that can be configured in different shapes, sizes, finishes, seat types, foot options and more. With so many options and variations, we can ensure that your requirements are met.

We ensure that with the constant usage of Beam Seating whether it be in waiting areas, airports or receptions, our extended range of beam seating solutions are durable, comfortable and easy to clean which is essential in maintaining the seats and ensuring they have a long life.

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Where can Zoeftig Beam Seating be found?

Over the years we have designed and installed numerous beam seating solutions in various sectors. This includes airports, hospitals, cruise terminals, train stations and more. Some of these case studies are:

  • San Diego International Airport
  • Hong Kong International Airport
  • Blackfriars Station, London

So, when you need sturdy, comfortable, easy to clean durable seating – look no further than the extensive range of beam seating solutions available from Zoeftig. We also provide extensive expertise to help with layout solutions in order to make the most of your space, whatever the size or function.

For more information on the beam seating we offer, use the online enquiry form, call 01288 354 512 and we’ll be happy to help. Here, you can also view all of our seating case studies.