Finding the right waiting room seating solution for your business or facility can sometimes be a challenge. After all, waiting areas are often the first impression visitors will get of you, so you need to consider a variety of factors when deciding what will be best for your visitors.

Thankfully, at Zoeftig, we might have the answer for you. Here’s why bench seating can often be the best choice for waiting rooms Regardless of the Sector:

What is bench seating?

Well, when it comes to Waiting Area Solutions, bench seating is characterised as multiple seats connected to one another and is often fixed to the floor. They are more communal in design with fewer individual chair features, similar to Landscape Styles, or can be a variation of Beam Seating. This wide variety of layouts means we have a great pool of case studies for bench seating systems in a multitude of facilities and industries.

The features of a good waiting room

The heart of this issue is how do you create the ideal waiting room, as well as what role seating systems can have in this. So, a few essential areas of consideration for creating an effective waiting area should include:

  • Presentation – All reception spaces should be clean and aesthetically appealing so that visitors and potential clients feel welcome in your office or venue.
  • Atmosphere – Again, the décor and design features of your waiting area should reflect how your business wants to be perceived. Thus, creating a positive atmosphere is vital for a company image.
  • Comfort – Above all, reception areas need to be comfortable and accommodating spaces to be in as, truthfully, no one really enjoys waiting around.

Is Bench Seating the answer?

In short, bench seating systems can work brilliantly with the majority of waiting rooms to improve all of the above features! Some of the benefits they can have when utilised in reception areas are:

  • A durable design – Waiting rooms often receive high volumes of visitors, so bench seating can offer an excellent long-term option to meet this demand.
  • Styles and flexibility – Our Bench Seating Designs offer a range of shapes and materials, so you have flexibility when it comes to finding the option that boosts your waiting area’s presentation. You can even add optional features such as In Seat Power for extra comfort and convenience!
  • Easy to clean – Due to the high footfall, it’s usually best to opt for a seating solution that’s easy to clean so that you maintain your high standards. Bench seating is amongst the best when it comes to hygiene and cleaning.
  • Comfort – Given how important this is on its own, Zoeftig makes no compromise when it comes to the comfort of our bench seating solutions. So, you know you’ll get a High-Quality System for your waiting room with us!

You can find more information on our Bench Seating Here, or use our Online Enquiry Form if you have any questions and we’ll be happy to help!