Zoeftig’s Options for Branding & Custom Design

Here at Zoeftig, we believe that good seating design can truly change the landscape of your airport concourse, and bespoke seating only furthers what’s possible. From custom materials and corporate colour implementation through to brand recognition and bespoke airport way-finding, our custom options will really allow your project to take the passenger’s experience to another level.

Our expert consultants and design team frequently work with specialist architects, designers and contractors on airport projects all over the world, leading to us having a deep knowledge and understanding of what works in a practical, real world airport setting.

The Importance of Branding & Custom Design

The ability to customise any product is crucial for building a strong and recognisable brand identity, and there’s no exception for the airport industry. A well-crafted branding strategy can differentiate your terminals from that of your competitors and create a long-lasting impression on your passengers. By incorporating unique visual elements, such as bespoke materials, colours, and logos, you can establish a brand personality that resonates with your passenger base, which in-turn can help build brand loyalty and trust, as customers are more likely to choose a provider that they recognise and feel a connection to.

For the past 50+ years, Zoeftig has been a world-leading provider of airport seating that has always stayed ahead of the curve in the world of design and innovation. While branding for seating may not have been around in 1971 when we first began designing, today it is more prevalent than ever with over 75% of our projects being bespoke specification in some form.

Custom Airport Seating Branding Options

We can offer your next project with a host of bespoke options that will allow your concourse to elevate itself to passengers on a daily basis, custom branding options include:

  • Bespoke Materials & Finishes 
  • Unique Paint Finishes
  • Bespoke Hides / E-Leather / Faux Leathers / PU & Wood Finishes
  • Corporate Logos / Brand Tagging
  • PRM / ADA / DDA Logos
  • Sponsor Logos
  • Laser engraving to metal or wooden components
  • Unique colouring to injection moulded components
  • Bespoke product design

All of these customisations can be specified at the beginning of the design process, in collaboration between our Zoeftig experts and your Design team, to execute striking concepts that really allow your brand to be seen in its best light!

Custom Design Options

Along with our bespoke project packages, we also offer a more subtle way of building yourself a one-off product, a few of the ways we can help to do this are:

  • Customisable hard surface finishes in Laminate, Wood, Metal, Corian and Quartz.
  • Wayfinding signage through use of an effective design implementation
  • Various in-seat power options that can be fitted in numerous positions 
  • Several standard and Bespoke Table Sizes can be specified in various placements
  • Linear seat rows from 2 seat to infinity
  • Unique seating configurations to compliment your space

A great example of how we execute bespoke brand packages is our long-standing collaboration between ourselves and United Airlines. For over 12 years we have delivered unique products for United projects, but the recent ‘Gates of the Future’ concourse concept has expanded the horizon of what an airport concourse can offer to their passengers. Collaboration from concept to completion between the Zoeftig experts, United’s CRE and Brand Teams and United’s chosen A&D team has raised the bar in brand recognition and passenger experience.

The bespoke package includes –

  • E-Leather in a unique United Blue
  • Table surfaces in a rare Quartz finish
  • Paint finishes in a unique United Silver Grey
  • United Logos and labelling
  • Unique & Bespoke Power Solution 

Zoeftig’s ‘THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS YES’ ethos has truly allowed United Airlines to achieve their ‘Gate to Aircraft’ identity that passengers love and remain loyal to.

How Zoeftig can create you a beautiful custom seat design

In summary, there are an infinite number or ways to bespoke your project, but the one constant conclusion is that custom branding will only better your space. Our clients receive a huge amount of positive feedback from their passengers and in return we receive a huge amount of praise from the clients, highlighting that when Zoeftig steps away from standard, everyone is happier than ever with how our seating solutions transform an airport concourse.

Now that you’re more in-the-know with how we create our custom seating options, why not get in touch with one of our product and project experts today to schedule a consultation so we can show you how we can truly make a standout airport concourse for you and your passengers…