As leading international concourse seating specialists, Zoeftig has installations being used by the public every day all across the globe. Our ranges of seating including beam, gate, bus and ferry terminals, train station, metro station and airport concourse seating are second to none.

The products we offer come in various layouts from clusters of seats with tables to traditional rows of concourse seating – we really do have the answer for every environment you would think have where your passengers comfort is a priority.

Over the years, Zoeftig has installed concourse seating in airports such as San Diego, Bristol, Hong Kong, and Ashgabat to name just a few – not to mention the seating solutions we have provided for other public buildings and spaces such as the Reno Municipal Court, Toronto University, Belgian Railways and the Dover Cruise Ferry terminal.

Concourse seating of the highest quality

With more than 45 years’ experience in the seating industry, Zoeftig has developed a wealth of knowledge that has allowed them to design and produce the perfect concourse seating solution for your requirements – no matter your requirements.

Zoeftig has an eye on all of the latest developments in seating and passenger comfort – often making technological advances themselves – meaning they will be providing you with the most modern designs and styles that will ensure you stand out when it comes to passenger comfort and presentability. You can also be sure that when furnishing your concourse with Zoeftig products, your seating will be robust, hard-wearing, and fit for purpose.

Whether you are looking to fill a huge open concourse with rows of stylish seating, or require a smaller waiting area to be installed with beautiful yet comfortable seats, Zoeftig can help. There are five categories of seating options to choose from, including rows of concourse seating with built-in tables. All Zoeftig seating is built with the end-user in mind while maintaining the style and looks you want your public space to have.

For more information on the concourse seating that Zoeftig has to offer, fill in the online enquiry form or call 01257 270 727 and we’ll be happy to help.

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