Located in the South Pacific Ocean, Northeast of New Zealand, the breath taking Cook Islands compromise of 15 islands and two reefs, spanning over 850,000 square miles of crystal blue ocean.

The main airport for the islands, Rarotonga International Airport, is located on the northern coast of Rarotonga, the most populated island of the group, which welcomes thousands of tourists to the island every year from Australia, America and New Zealand.

To provide passengers with unrivalled levels of comfort when visiting the islands, Zoeftig’s inFINITE seating solutions in black PU were specified throughout the airport’s terminal. The award winning solutions offer outstanding flexibility and durability, due to its beamless construction and use of Dura-Z, a high performance engineered metal replacement composite.

Dura-Z offers unprecedented levels of resilience, designed to meet the needs of today’s busy airport terminals. The polyurethane material is easy to clean and long lasting, with every design element created to enhance longevity and increase ease of maintenance.

The back-to-back configuration utilised at Rarotonga International Airport maximises on all available floor space, while the award-winning beamless design and patented rapid product reconfigurability allows the seating to be continuously adapted as the airport evolves.

Paul Williams, CEO of Zoeftig, said: “We are delighted to have expanded our product reach even further across the globe by supplying our iconic inFINITE seating solutions to Rarotonga International Airport. We are proud to have created a premium waiting area that will continue to change to meet the airport’s needs and we look forward to a long lasting relationship.”