Sales Support

The exceptional quality and unrivalled performance of Zoeftig products are matched by the attentiveness and care of our dedicated sales and project support.

A central facet of this sales support service is our commitment to having people on the ground in areas where we do business. An ever expanding network of regional satellite offices in key locations, staffed by teams with invaluable local expertise and knowhow, just the qualities required to ensure your projects are brought to the right conclusion as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Totally global

This ‘local to you’ presence is just one reason why we’re able to fulfil our promise to respond within 24 hours to any customer queries. It also means, of course, that wherever you are in the world, Zoeftig is perfectly placed to deliver the seating solution that meets your requirements.

As you’d expect from one of the industry’s largest and most respected manufacturers, we will furnish you with full client and project focused presentations and include samples of the product and material. So you’re left in no doubt as to the quality, style and durability of the Zoeftig solution.