Seating Design

At the heart of every Zoeftig seating solution is a total and unrelenting commitment to delivering the most innovative and pioneering seating design. Products that truly push back the design parameters and set new benchmarks for quality, performance, durability and visual appeal.

At Zoeftig, it is not enough simply to develop products that are widely regarded as the best in the industry. To us, a successful seating design is also one that first understands, and then meets, every conceivable client requirement. Only by close collaboration can we identify and satisfy client wants and needs. We believe in an immersive approach to market analysis and research, forming strong and ongoing bonds with architects, interior designers, maintenance and operations staff, contractors, suppliers, sales people, installation teams and end users. Whatever it takes to achieve the perfect seating design solution.

seating design

Seating Solutions for Tomorrow

This customer centric way of working is matched by a constant desire to develop new and ever more innovative products. We leave no stone unturned in our efforts to develop the seating solutions of tomorrow, working closely with world class suppliers and renowned universities to enhance our extensive knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes. Whether it’s developments in seating design and space planning, ergonomics, materials, 3D modelling and visualisation or advanced power solutions, rest assured the Zoeftig design team has the skills, wide-ranging experience and cutting edge technology to remain right at the very forefront of the industry.