Judicial Seating

For almost half a century, Zoeftig has remained right at the very forefront of the public seating industry. Today, we are more committed than ever to delivering the seating solutions of the future, and setting the new benchmarks for long-lasting performance, outstanding quality and innovative design.

Judicial seating for tough environments

When it comes to providing seating for environments where there is frequent human traffic, the Zoeftig track record is well proven. We can call upon a wealth of relevant specialist experience and expertise to create seating solutions that are ideally equipped to meet the needs of a wide range of judicial seating applications, including courts and enforcement, correction and detention centres.

Depending on your specific needs, our seats can be produced in metal, wood or upholstery. Whatever the choice of material, style or finish, rest assured Zoeftig seats are built to withstand the daily rigours of even the most hostile environments.

Zoeftig’s success has been driven by a unique approach to design and collaboration, both in-house and with A&D partnerships across the world. So, if you require judicial seating with a very specific requirement, no matter how challenging or complex, trust Zoeftig to tailor the perfect public space seating solution.